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Asda launches new sunburn campaign

Asda has teamed up with the British Skin Foundation to launch a new skincare campaign.

The ‘Don’t Get Burnt’ initiative aims to keep the supermarket’s customers protected from the sun for less and raise awareness of the health risks associated with sunburn.

A recent survey carried out by the company found that a worrying 57 per cent of Brits could be wearing out-of-date sunscreen, while a further 56 per cent admitted they don’t apply the product often enough.

This increases the risk of contracting skin cancer – a disease that 100,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with each year and claims 2,500 lives.

Being careful with how much you expose yourself to the sun is one of the easiest ways to limit your chances of developing skin cancer.

In a bid to ensure more people are protected, Asda has called on the government to cut VAT on sun care products.

Its survey found that 60 per cent of Brits think sunscreen is overpriced. This has led to 26 per cent of people using products that are over two years old and only offer a fraction of the protection they did when originally bought. Alarmingly, nine per cent of respondents said they never use sunscreen at all.

Under current UK tax law, VAT is set at 20 per cent for sunscreen, as it is deemed a ‘luxury item’ rather than an essential health product. Nearly two-thirds of the people surveyed (61 per cent) said they think this tax should be removed.

“As the sun comes out everyone is keen to enjoy the fun that comes with it. However, Brits need to take sun protection seriously. Malignant melanoma is the fastest rising common cancer in the UK and is particularly high in younger people,” commented TV personality Dr Dawn Harper, who is supporting the campaign.

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