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How can a shade sail be used at schools?

An increasing number of schools in the UK are opting to install shade sails on their grounds.

These structures are a versatile and useful addition to any school and can provide a number of practical benefits. We take a look at some of the different ways schools are opting to use shade sails below.

Sun protection 

Of course, the primary role of a sun shade is to provide protection from the damaging effects of the sun. Children are particularly vulnerable to sunburn and getting burnt as a youngster is proven to increase the chances of contracting skin cancer in later life.

Shaded Nation shades block up to 98.8 per cent of UV rays, making them an ideal way to provide a shaded spot under which kids can stay safe from the sun.

Outdoor learning 

A growing trend in schools is outdoor learning and more and more teachers are taking classes in the open air. This offers some welcome variation for children who spend most of their learning time in the classroom and kids that struggle to concentrate indoors often find it easier when outside.

A sun shade allows outdoor classes to go ahead with protection from the sun, wind and light rain.

Cycle shelters 

Many schools are doing their best to encourage pupils to cycle to school. This is beneficial for their health and also has a positive impact on the environment. However, kids are much more likely to ride their bike into school if they have a nice place to leave it, and this is where shade sails can help.

Using a sun shade to create a cycle shelter will provide both pupils and parents with confidence that their bikes are being kept in a safe and secure location.

Sporting events 

One of the most eagerly-awaited events on the school calendar is sport’s day and parents normally flock to see their kids in action. A shade canopy provides a sheltered place in which spectators can stand and can also be used as a base to sell refreshments.

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