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Skin cancer treatment named Drug Discovery of the Year

We’re passionate about sun safety here at Shaded Nation and were pleased to hear a new skin cancer treatment was named the British Pharmacological Society’s (BPS) Drug Discovery of the Year on December 19th (2013).

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) was awarded the prize for its drug trametinib, which has been produced to treat malignant melanoma – one of the worst forms of skin cancer.

Skin cancer treatment named Drug Discovery of the Year

Skin cancer treatment named Drug Discovery of the Year

Trametinib works to halt the advance of the disease and the BPS said it has brought hope for skin cancer sufferers and their patients.

Dr Ann Haye, BPS fellow and chair of the committee that judged the award, stated: “Trametinib was distinguished by its novel translational pharmacology, but undoubtedly the judges were also impressed by the GSK team’s ambition to address the impact of malignant melanoma on the lives of so many patients and their families.”

She described trametinib as a “first-in-class medicine” for the treatment of this “devastating disease”.

The development of this product is good news and hopefully it will help the thousands of people who suffer from skin cancer each year in the UK.

According to the BPS, there are 12,000 new cases of malignant melanoma annually in Britain. Around 2,000 people die as a result of the condition each year and this is more than any other form of skin cancer.

Malignant melanoma is the third most common disease in the 15 to 39 age group and is caused by overexposure to UV light, be it through natural sunlight or tanning beds.

That so many people are affected by this condition is upsetting, as you can easily reduce your chances of contracting it by taking just a few simple precautions when out in the sun.

Sticking to the shade when possible, covering your skin and applying suntan lotion to any exposed areas will go a long way to keeping you safe and if everyone could do this, instances of the disease would be dramatically reduced.

How to enjoy the outdoors this winter

It’s easy to see winter as a miserable time of year. It’s dark when you wake up in the morning and already dark when you leave work in the evening. What’s more, the weather is cold wet and windy and it’s much easier to pick up colds and coughs.

When you look at winter this way, it’s tempting to stay indoors 24/7 and not venture outside until the first signs of spring appear. However, this would be a mistake, as for every negative feature of winter there’s a positive to match and there’s still plenty of fun things you can do outside.

How to enjoy the outdoors this winter

How to enjoy the outdoors this winter

Here are a few ideas for how you can make the most of the outdoors over the next few months.

Sample nature’s beauty 
You’ll need to wrap up warm, but going for a walk in the countryside during winter can be a really rewarding experience. There’s a bleak beauty about the rural landscape at this time of year, with the trees striped of their leaves and frost glistening on the ground.

What’s more the cold weather will keep a lot of people away, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the environment in the peace and quiet nature intended.

Let it snow
After Christmas, the best thing about winter is snow. Yes it can cause havoc with the roads and transport for a day or two, but there’s something magical about the white stuff, especially if you’ve got young children.

Whether it’s snowball fights, sledding or snowmen, there’s no shortage of fun things to do outdoors when it snows.

Keep gardening
Many people say goodbye to their garden in the winter months, but this needn’t be the case. Winter is an ideal way to prepare your outdoor space for the year ahead by planting new greenery, digging new flower beds and adding new elements to the garden such as a water feature or shade sail.

Could east Asian genes help to cure skin cancer?

We’re committed to sun safety here at Shaded Nation and always like to hear about the latest research being undertaken to beat skin cancer.

As a result, we were very interested to learn about a new study that has suggested the genes of east Asian people could hold the secret to developing a treatment for the disease.

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University in the US have been investigating this link due to the fact east Asian people are far less susceptible to skin cancer than Europeans despite having a similar skin colour, the Conversation reports.

Could east-Asian genes help to cure skin cancer?

Could east-Asian genes help to cure skin cancer?

The scientists found 220 in every million Europeans contract the disease, while the figure is just 13 for east Asians. This is only slightly higher than the ten per million recorded among African people, who are more protected from the sun due to their darker skin.

In a bid to discover the reasons behind east Asians’ resistance to skin cancer, the researchers took DNA samples from the Orang Asli, an indigenous Malaysian tribe whose remote way of life means their gene pool has not been mixed with people of other races.

However, to continue their study the scientists need to collect more DNA from similarly isolated populations and are currently trying to build relations with the Kalinago people, who live on an undeveloped island within the Commonwealth of Dominica, in the hope of taking voluntary samples from the group.

“Finding the genes responsible for east Asians’ skin colour will kick off a new phase in melanoma research.

“We can compare the mechanisms and pathways of pigmentation in east Asians and Europeans, which can help find how melanoma occurs and drive the development of new treatments like gene therapy,” the researchers stated.

This is certainly an intriguing study and it will be interesting to see how it develops and hopefully it will help scientists to develop new skin cancer treatments and maybe even a cure.

Jewellery that can detect sunburn set for release

Sunburn is a big problem here in the UK. As well as being painful and embarrassing, it is the main cause of a skin cancer – a disease that is becoming worryingly common.

While some individuals purposely get burnt in pursuit of a tan, others can get caught out by simply forgetting to apply sun cream or not realising how much time they would be spending outside.

Such people may now have a solution to this problem, as a technology company has developed a piece of women’s jewellery that can warn its wearer when they are at risk of getting burnt.

Jewellery that can detect sunburn set for release

Jewellery that can detect sunburn set for release

Named June, the product has been developed by Netatmo and showcased at this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It works by detecting how much UV light the wearer is being exposed to and then sends this information to their smartphone. A mobile app will then use the person’s skin type and that day’s UV index to calculate how long they should stay in the sun and warn them when they are at risk of being out for too long.

Netatmo claimed June will “help women to better protect themselves against premature skin aging and sunburn”.

However, the device has also come in for some criticism. Richie Lin, a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, told You Beauty: “While the device is great because it measures UV exposure, the implication that there is a ‘safe’ level of sun exposure is misguided.

“At worst, the bracelet will give people a false sense of security, and at best, it may raise awareness that most of us get significant UV exposure without even trying.”

There is no official release date for June yet as and it remains to be seen how the product will be received and whether it catches on.

If you’d like a slightly more traditional way to avoid sunburn, we suggest investing in one of our sun shade structures.

How are shade sails being used across the UK and beyond?

One of the best things about shade sails is their sheer versatility. These adaptable structures can be used for a wide variety of purposes and that is reflected by the diverse client base we cater to here at Shaded Nation.

Whether it’s large outdoor events or just a family home, we’re experienced at providing either bespoke or ready-made shade solutions for all sorts of customers. Here is a rundown of some of the most common ways our shades have been used in the UK and beyond.

A look at the various ways shade sail structures can be used.

A look at the various ways shade sail structures can be used.

Outdoor events
All manner of outdoor events are able to make use of the shelter provided by a shade sail. Whether it’s a music festival, sporting occasion or village fete, these structures can really serve to enhance a day out.

As well as providing a space in which people can relax out of the sun and other elements, they can be used as ideal space to locate food and refreshment stalls and other facilities that need cover from the weather.

Retail and hospitality 
Our shade structures are commonly used in both the retail and hospitality industries. Shops are able to use them as a means of creating additional, outdoor space in which they can display their wares.

Meanwhile, restaurants, cafes, pubs and other hospitality venues use our shades to create sheltered al fresco dining areas. The semi-permanent nature of our products makes them ideal for this purpose as they can be taken down during the winter and then reassembled in the spring when demand for outdoor eating and drinking returns.

One of the most popular uses for our products is in the education sector. We have installed shade sails for schools, nurseries, day care centres and youth clubs and they can be used in a variety of ways.

For example, extending a shade structure onto the side of a building is an affordable way to create an outdoor classroom. We also regularly install playground shades, meaning kids can enjoy being outside without being exposed to the elements.

Shade structures can also fulfill more practical purposes such as providing a covered storage space for outdoor furniture or other school equipment.

It isn’t just schools and businesses that can make use of a shade sail structure, as we also cater for strong demand from residential customers.

There are more potential uses for a shade in the home then you might think. For example, they can be used to cover a koi pond, shelter a child’s sandpit, or simply create a relaxed and shaded spot in which you can sit and enjoy your garden. Shade structures can even be used as an affordable way to create a car port.

We have products to suit all household budgets and can provide ready-made or bespoke shades depending on your preference.

Not sure we will be able to provide a shade sail structure for your specific needs? We’ve years of experience in the industry and the chances are we will have created something similar in the past. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss whatever it is you have in mind.

Three businesses that can take advantage of a shade sail

One of the best things about Shaded Nation shade sails is their sheer versatility. Our shades can be applied to a vast range of different uses and we’ve designed and installed structures for a wide variety of clients.

Among these are commercial customers, as there are a number of different businesses that can benefit from one of our shade sails.

Three businesses that can take advantage of a shade sail

Three businesses that can take advantage of a shade sail

Life is hard for independent retailers at the moment. The tough economic climate means consumers are not spending as much as they once did, while expensive rents make it difficult for companies to expand by moving into larger premises.

One way of getting around this is by using a sail shade structure to create an outdoor retail space. This has numerous benefits – not only does it provide more space for retailers to display their wares, it can also catch the eye of passing custom and draw people inside the shop itself.

The semi-permanent nature of our shades mean they can be put up at certain times of the year when an outdoor space may be needed and taken down again when this isn’t necessary.

Restaurants and pubs

It’s surprising what a difference a shade structure can make for restaurants, cafes, pubs and other hospitality businesses.

People love to eat and drink outside when the weather is nice and a shade structure is an affordable means of providing a sheltered al fresco environment that can be taken down during the winter months.

Offering an outdoor environment allows pubs and restaurants to attract more custom and giving them shelter from sun, wind and rain boosts their chances of having an enjoyable experience and choosing to come back.

Office-based businesses can also benefit from installing a sail shade. Whether it’s creating a sheltered spot in which people can relax on their lunch break, or providing a covered area for smokers, this is an excellent way to create an environment people will enjoy working in.