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What are the commercial uses for a shade sail?

Here at Shaded Nation we regularly supply shade sails for commercial clients. Whether it’s restaurants, pubs or office-based companies, businesses across the UK and beyond are opting to install these attractive, durable and cost-effective canopies.

But what are the most common commercial uses for our sun shades? We take a look at a few of the most popular below.

Entrance canopies

Using a shade sail as an entrance canopy or awning is a popular way to boost the appearance of a building. This can be particularly useful for shops, as it can make the premises look more enticing to customers and even provide some extra space to display goods for sale.

An entrance canopy will give office buildings a more professional appearance and can also help to keep the ground floor cool during warm weather.

Parking bay

A shade sail is a durable and cost effective means of constructing a parking bay. Not only will this keep vehicles out of the heat of the sun, it also offers protection against the rest of the elements, bird droppings and other unpleasantness.

Smoking area 

Following the introducing of the public area smoking ban several years ago, a number of businesses are catering for their staff by creating designated smoking areas. One of our structures is an easy way of providing these locations with shade and shelter from the weather.

Outdoor seating

Demand for shade sails is particularly high among restaurants, pubs, cafes and other food and drink retailers that offer outdoor seating. By installing a shade, these businesses ensure customers will be able to eat in the open air regardless of the conditions. They are a welcome boost to the appearance of any premises as well.

Whatever you require a shade sail for, Shaded Nation are here to provide the best product possible. We are happy to create bespoke designs tailored to your exact needs, or you can opt for a pre-made shade. The choice is yours.

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