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Don’t let the sun spoil your appearance

Here in the UK a lot of people seem to be little obsessed with getting a tan. Indeed, many individuals are so desperate to catch the sun they are willing to let their skin get burned in the process.

While there’s no doubting brown, sun-kissed skin can look lovely, not everyone is lucky enough to have skin that turns this colour and will simply burn instead. Indeed, by allowing their skin to burn in pursuit of a tan, many people may actually be doing more harm to their appearance than good.

Here are a few reasons why beauty-conscious individuals should avoid spending too long out in the sun.


Don’t let the sun spoil your appearance

Wrinkles are many people’s worst nightmare, but if you over expose yourself to the sun the chances of developing these unwanted features is drastically increased. Sunburn is proven to cause premature ageing of the skin and if you’re hoping to stay looking young for as long as possible, being sun safe is a good idea.

Age spots
Age spots are brown blemishes that appear on the skin and while they may occur naturally, it is well known that too much sun exposure increases the chances of them forming.

Sagging skin
Another unwelcome side effect of sunburn is sagging skin, which as the name suggests, doesn’t look very pleasant.

Let’s face it, walking around with a bright red face is pretty embarrassing and impossible to hide. It can also be incredibly sore and getting into this state just because you’d like a tan really isn’t worth it.

Skin cancer
Of course, the primary reason anyone should want to avoid sunburn is because it’s scientifically proven to increase a person’s chances of contracting skin cancer. Sadly, cases of this disease are on the rise, even though it can easily be avoided by taking simple precautions to protect yourself from the sun.

Want to stay safe in the sun? Installing a shade sail will help.

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