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Drivers ‘can still get sunburn’

Drivers need to take precautions from the sun even if they have the windows shut.

Researchers from Stony Brook University in New York carried out a survey, which appears in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, to find out how many motorists apply sun block and the results shocked experts, the Daily Mail reports.

Only 15 per cent of respondents said they use protective cream most of the time, while 38 per cent normally apply lotion when they are outdoors. People mistakenly believe they do not need to worry about the sun when driving, but they can still get sunburn.

Drivers ‘can still get sunburn’

Some 225 men and women were asked about their sun block use as part of the study and two-thirds said they didn’t think there was any need to wear sunscreen when in a car. However, at least 80 per cent of UVA rays get through.

Dr Dennis Kim, one of the researchers involved in the study, admitted he used to think he was protected from the sun when driving.

“Because such a large proportion of a person’s cumulative sun exposure occurs while in a vehicle, automobile-related UVA exposure is a considerable public health concern. The good news is that this damage can be limited by wearing sun creams, long sleeve shirts and protective eyewear,” he added.

Non-malignant melanoma was found to occur more frequently on the driver’s window-side arm, which demonstrates how important it is to cover up in good weather.

According to the NHS, people could reduce their chances of developing skin cancer by avoiding overexposure to UV light. As well as dressing sensibly, individuals can use sun cream to make sure they are protected at all times.

As well as this, regularly checking your skin for signs of cancer can help with an early diagnosis, which will improve a person’s chances of successful treatment.

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