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Early appointments ‘key to tackling sun cancer’

Patients who are concerned they may have skin cancer should take any appointment they are offered as early as possible to try and catch the disease before it develops.

This is the advice of dermatologists and skin cancer specialists at Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge.

As part of Sun Awareness Week, doctors and nurses at the hospital are asking people to take up appointments at the earliest opportunity to diagnose and treat skin cancer a quickly as possible, Cambridge News reports.

Vicky McCorran, a skin-cancer-specialist nurse, said that if a person is concerned about a lesion on their skin being cancer, they should go to their GP who could potentially refer them to hospital, where they would go on the two-week waiting list for the cancer pathway.

Ms McCorran said it is important for people to realise this doesn’t necessarily mean they have skin cancer, but it’s important to get the skin looked at as soon as possible just in case.

“If they are seen by a specialist at the hospital and are referred for surgery, this needs to be done in 31 days – it is a national target that hospitals have to achieve,” she stated.

“These targets are in the patients’ interests as the sooner they are diagnosed the sooner they can have all the necessary treatment.”

Ms McCorran said a lot of people don’t realise that nearly 3,000 die from skin cancer each year in the UK and the “earlier it is detected the better”.

Sunburn is one of the major causes of skin cancer and protecting your skin can go a long way to limiting your chances of contracting the disease.

Keeping your skin covered on a sunny day and applying sun lotion to any exposed areas is strongly recommended.

Shade Sails are also effective at limiting the dangers of the sun. Unlike parasols or umbrellas, they are designed with sun safety specifically in mind and block up to 98.8 per cent of harmful UV rays.

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