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Eating broccoli ‘could reduce skin cancer risk’

Everyone knows eating your greens is good for you, but a new study has revealed broccoli could be especially worthwhile.

Research by the University of Arizona has found the vegetable may help to reduce the risk of people contracting skin cancer. However, it’s not eating broccoli that will combat the disease, but spreading it on your skin.

This might not sound like the most attractive proposition, but according to Dr Sally Dickinson, who carried out the study, the vegetable contains a compound called sulforaphane that has chemopreventive properties, which can help prevent cancer from occurring.

Eating broccoli ‘could reduce skin cancer risk’

“We’re searching for better methods to prevent skin cancer in formats that are affordable and manageable for public use. Sulforaphane may be an excellent candidate for use in the prevention of skin cancer caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays,” Dr Dickinson stated.

She added that even though awareness of the dangers regarding sunburn has increased in recent years, there are still “far too many” cases of skin cancer occurring each year.

Dr Dickinson will now carry out a pilot test that will see a broccoli sprout solution applied to the skin of a group of patients and measure whether this has a positive impact when they are exposed to solar simulated light.

“We already know that it [sulforaphane] is very effective in blocking sunburns, and we have seen cases where it can induce protective enzymes in the skin,” she stated.

While Dr Dickinson’s research is still a long way short of being complete, it is encouraging that new and inventive ways of tackling skin cancer are being developed as the disease is becoming worryingly common.

However, if the thought of covering your skin in a broccoli-based solution isn’t too appealing, there are other things you can do to stay protected. Sticking to the shade is the best way to reduce your chances of getting burnt and a shade sail canopy is the ideal way to do this.

Capable of blocking up to 98.8 per cent of harmful UV rays, these structures are a must-have investment for anyone concerned with sun safety.

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