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How to enjoy the outdoors this winter

It’s easy to see winter as a miserable time of year. It’s dark when you wake up in the morning and already dark when you leave work in the evening. What’s more, the weather is cold wet and windy and it’s much easier to pick up colds and coughs.

When you look at winter this way, it’s tempting to stay indoors 24/7 and not venture outside until the first signs of spring appear. However, this would be a mistake, as for every negative feature of winter there’s a positive to match and there’s still plenty of fun things you can do outside.

How to enjoy the outdoors this winter

Here are a few ideas for how you can make the most of the outdoors over the next few months.

Sample nature’s beauty 
You’ll need to wrap up warm, but going for a walk in the countryside during winter can be a really rewarding experience. There’s a bleak beauty about the rural landscape at this time of year, with the trees striped of their leaves and frost glistening on the ground.

What’s more the cold weather will keep a lot of people away, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the environment in the peace and quiet nature intended.

Let it snow
After Christmas, the best thing about winter is snow. Yes it can cause havoc with the roads and transport for a day or two, but there’s something magical about the white stuff, especially if you’ve got young children.

Whether it’s snowball fights, sledding or snowmen, there’s no shortage of fun things to do outdoors when it snows.

Keep gardening
Many people say goodbye to their garden in the winter months, but this needn’t be the case. Winter is an ideal way to prepare your outdoor space for the year ahead by planting new greenery, digging new flower beds and adding new elements to the garden such as a water feature or shade sail.

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