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Five benefits of outdoor learning

Here at Shaded Nation some of our most common clients are schools who want to use a shade structure to create an outdoor learning environment.

But why are so many schools taking this approach and what are its benefits? We take a look below.

Five benefits of outdoor learning

A varied education
While classrooms and textbooks will always be an important part of the education system, there’s more to learning than this. Taking classes outdoors allows children to experience learning in a different way and it’s surprising how many pupils that struggle in the traditional school setting improve when outside.

Health benefits
It’s widely recognised that being outside is good for people’s health both mentally and physically. Spending time outdoors can encourage children to be more active and being in a relaxed and open environment could help to combat stress.

Bringing subjects to life
Certain subjects are much more suited to outdoor teaching and can be brought to life more effectively than when they are taught in the classroom alone. Take the weather for example – it’s much easier to get pupils to understand and engage with this topic when they are outside and exposed to the elements.

A further advantage of outdoor learning is that it can simply be more than fun than being in the classroom. Having the occasional fun experience can go a long way to making children happier at school and this can lead to improved performance in traditional classes.

It’s a lot easier to create a fun environment outdoors. The sheer novelty factor of being outside contributes to this, while there are far more potential activities that can be carried out in the open air.

Environmental understanding
Spending time outdoors at a young age will help children to grow up appreciating the environment and being outside. This will increase the chances of them enjoying the benefits of the outdoors when older.

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