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Five reasons to choose a DIY shade sail

Are you a DIY enthusiast? Whether it’s painting and decorating or fixing a leaky tap, there’s something immensely satisfying about doing it yourself.

If you are the type who likes to get their hands dirty, we’re the company to come to, as we stock a range of DIY shade sails that will be just perfect for you. Here’s a rundown of five of the benefits of this product.

One of the main advantages of DIY is cost. Doing something yourself is nearly always cheaper and that certainly applies to our shade sails. You can purchase one of these excellent products for as little as £52 and won’t have to pay any installation costs whatsoever.

This low cost doesn’t mean we skimp on quality however. We pride ourselves on only stocking the best shades on the market and all our products combine robust sun protection, style and durability.

Ease of installation 
You’d be surprised at just how easy our structures are to install and, provided you follow all of the instructions, you can have your shade up and ready to use within just a few hours of getting started. Click here to take a look at our installation guide.

Not sure you want a shade sail structure all year round? Concerned about what will happen in bad weather? Well, don’t worry. Our DIY shades are semi-permanent, meaning you can take them down and reassemble at a later date when necessary.

Another thing that might surprise you about our shades is just how little maintenance they require. We recommend regular re-tensioning to ensure strength and durability, but other than that all you need to do is give the structure an occasional wash with a hose and mild detergent.

They say variety is the spice of life and here at Shaded Nation we couldn’t agree more. We’ve plenty of colours, shapes and sizes for you to choose from and the only challenge is managing to pick just one!

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