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Five things you may not know about shade sails

Have you been considering investing in a shade sail but are a little unsure about the finer details of the product?

If so, here is a rundown of some key facts you might not be aware of.

Easy installation

It’s quite surprising just how easy it is to install one of our shade canopies. In most cases this can be done by just two people over a couple of hours and no specialist skills or knowledge are required.

Full instructions and all of the necessary parts will be provided and our team are happy to provide guidance over the phone or email if you run into trouble. For detailed installation instructions, see our guide.

Low maintenance

Once your sun shade is up, it’s remarkably easy to keep it in good condition. These products are built to last and will maintain their strength and style for a number of years. Keeping them clean is very simple and can be done with just a garden hose and mild detergent. Re-tensioning on a regular basis is recommended to ensure longevity.


All of the shade sails we provide are semi-permanent meaning it is possible to take them down at certain times of the year. This may be necessary if particularly bad weather conditions are forecast or if you simply need an area not to be covered for any particular reason.

Commercial and domestic

The shades we provide are suitable for an extensive range of uses and we supply to all manner of different customers. We regularly provide garden shades to people who are looking to boost the value and appearance of their home and have many commercial clients as well, ranging from schools to restaurants and care homes.

We only offer quality

There are a lot of different shade sails on the market, so it’s important to know you’re buying a quality product. We only sell Sail Shade World sail shades, which are manufactured to the highest standards and are built to withstand the effects of the harsh Australian sun. They are capable of blocking up to 98.8 per cent of UV rays.

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