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Four ways to make the most of your garden

May is here, summer is just around the corner and the sun has finally started shining. The next few months will therefore be the perfect time to get outside and make the most of your garden.

With the awful weather we’ve had to put up with over the winter and for most of the spring, you might not have ventured out into the garden too often. However, now that things seem to be getting better you can enjoy being outside in the open air.

Do some gardening

Gardening doesn’t have to be a chore and is a great way to spend time outside while doing something constructive as well. Whether it’s just mowing the lawn and keeping things tidy, or growing your own herbs and vegetables, there’s plenty of ways to keep yourself occupied.

Have a BBQ

What better way to enjoy the garden than to invite some friends around for a barbecue? It’s a great chance to catch up with people and a chance to show off your culinary skills in the process.

Play sports

Playing sports in the garden is more of an activity for the kids really, but adults can still get involved and have some fun as well.

What you do is mainly dependant on the size of your garden, but whether it’s kicking a football around or just playing a simple game like catch, it’s a good opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise in the process.

Bird watch

If you’re a nature lover, why not try and bring some wildlife to your garden? The number of different species of bird you can attract by putting up feeders or a bird table is surprisingly diverse and observing them is a peaceful and relaxing way to spend a morning or afternoon.

However you choose to spend time in your garden, it’s important to stay safe from the sun. Installing a shade sail will provide you with a shaded spot that you can retreat to when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

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