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How to use a garden sun shade in winter

One of the main reservations people have about installing a shade structure in their garden is what they will do with it in the winter months.

This is understandable, particularly in countries like the UK where sunshine can be restricted to just a few months of the year.

However, such fears are unfounded. If you buy the right shade – like the ones we provide at Shaded Nation – you’ll be investing in a quality product that can be used all year round.

To prove this point, we’ve listed just a few of the possible winter uses for one of our products below.

How to use a garden sun shade in winter

The obvious use for a shade sail in the winter is as a means of shelter from the elements. Whether it’s wind, rain or snow, these structures can provide a protected spot that allows you to continue enjoying being out in the garden.

Smoking area
If your family contains a smoker, a shade structure can provide a handy spot under which they can smoke. It’s advisable for smoking to be carried out in the open air as it’s proven that inhaling second-hand smoke can lead to serious health problems. Smoking under a shade structure will help to protect the health of the entire family.

Special occasions
Whether it’s Bonfire Night or new year’s eve, there are a number of special occasions that occur in the winter months that call for people to spend time outside in the garden. A shade structure provides a sheltered spot in which friends and family can watch the bonfire or a fireworks display from a safe distance.

Sun safety
The main feature of our sun shades is that they provide up to 98.8 per cent protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Obviously, avoiding sunburn is much less of a concern in the winter, but it is still possible to get burnt at this time of year, especially if you have pale skin that is particularly vulnerable.

Installing a shade structure allows you to err on the side of caution and enjoy being outside regardless of what the sun is doing.

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