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Gardening is elderly Brits favourite pastime

We love spending a bit of time out in the garden here at Shaded Nation and it seems we’re not alone.

Gardening has been voted the favourite pass time of the UK’s elderly residents in a survey by charity organisation Age UK.

To mark the start of its Living Your Way campaign, which aims to help older individuals stay independent for as long as possible, it carried out a poll of people aged 65 and over to find out about the activities that give them the greatest pleasure.

If found over a third of respondents (38 per cent) rate gardening as the thing they like to do most, which is more than any other pastime. Going on walks (28 per cent) was also rated highly as was reading the newspaper (25 per cent).

For those respondents aged 85 or more the results were slightly different, with listening to the radio the number one pleasure for 29 per cent. Gardening was still popular however, with 26 per cent of people saying they still enjoy a good potter.

Michelle Mitchell, Age UK charity director general, commented: “Having a positive attitude and being able to enjoy the little pleasures in life is really important for our well-being.

“Whether it’s enjoying being outdoors in the garden or listening to all that is on offer through the radio, we want to help people to stay independent for as long as possible so they can make the most out of later life.”

It’s clear that the UK’s elderly residents love to spend time in the garden and this experience can be enhanced by installing a shade sail. These canopies provide a nice shaded spot in which to relax and enjoy the beauty of the garden and offer protection from sunburn as well.

They are also an excellent addition to a care home, where having access to outside spaces such as gardens is important for the well-being of residents.

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