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Jewellery that can detect sunburn set for release

Sunburn is a big problem here in the UK. As well as being painful and embarrassing, it is the main cause of a skin cancer – a disease that is becoming worryingly common.

While some individuals purposely get burnt in pursuit of a tan, others can get caught out by simply forgetting to apply sun cream or not realising how much time they would be spending outside.

Such people may now have a solution to this problem, as a technology company has developed a piece of women’s jewellery that can warn its wearer when they are at risk of getting burnt.

Jewellery that can detect sunburn set for release

Named June, the product has been developed by Netatmo and showcased at this week’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It works by detecting how much UV light the wearer is being exposed to and then sends this information to their smartphone. A mobile app will then use the person’s skin type and that day’s UV index to calculate how long they should stay in the sun and warn them when they are at risk of being out for too long.

Netatmo claimed June will “help women to better protect themselves against premature skin aging and sunburn”.

However, the device has also come in for some criticism. Richie Lin, a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, told You Beauty: “While the device is great because it measures UV exposure, the implication that there is a ‘safe’ level of sun exposure is misguided.

“At worst, the bracelet will give people a false sense of security, and at best, it may raise awareness that most of us get significant UV exposure without even trying.”

There is no official release date for June yet as and it remains to be seen how the product will be received and whether it catches on.

If you’d like a slightly more traditional way to avoid sunburn, we suggest investing in one of our sun shade structures.

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