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How to keep kids sun-safe at school

Keeping kids safe in the sun is incredibly important. Getting badly sunburnt can cause serious health problems and as children aren’t old enough to appreciate the dangers themselves, it’s crucial you take care to ensure they are protected.

Indeed, avoiding getting burnt is especially important for kids, as scientists have discovered a clear link between suffering sunburn as a youngster and developing skin cancer in later life.

While keeping your children out of the sun isn’t too hard when you’re with them, ensuring they stay protected while off at school is more of a challenge. Here are a few tips on how you can ensure they stay sun-safe.

How to keep kids sun-safe at school

Get the basics right

Following a few basic principles will go a long way to ensuring your child comes back from school burn free. Dressing them in long-sleeved clothes will protect their skin by keeping it covered, while a hat will keep the sun off their face. If it looks like a hot and sunny day, sun tan lotion should be applied to any exposed areas of skin.

Making your little ones aware of the fact the sun is dangerous is also worthwhile. There’s no need to mention things like skin cancer, but informing them they should be careful when out in the sun can’t do any harm.

Speak to the school

If you’re concerned about your child getting burnt, why not speak to the school and find out what they are doing to help them stay protected? Schools have a duty to ensure the wellbeing of their students and if you’re worried they aren’t promoting sun safety you are within your rights as a parent to raise the issue.

Shade sails

Here at Shaded Nation we often provide shade sails to schools that are looking to create a shady spot where kids can relax away from the sun. These structures are highly versatile and are often used for creating outdoor classrooms as well. Any school that is looking to prioritise sun safety should consider investing in one of these structures.

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