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Why your koi pond needs a shade sail

There are few garden features as spectacular as a koi pond.

When done well they can bring a touch of oriental style to your home and are outdoor features that can be enjoyed by all of the family as well as friends and relatives.

However, it’s important a koi pond is properly maintained and there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, they represent an expensive investment and poor maintenance can lead to costly repairs.

Why your koi pond needs a shade sail

Secondly, and most importantly, koi ponds are a passion for many homeowners and can bring real pleasure to people’ lives, which means it’s important to ensure they are looked after.

An excellent way to protect your koi pond is to install a shade sail above it, as this provides a number of benefits.

Algae is the scourge of pond keepers across the world and can ruin the appearance of your pond if allowed to grow unchecked. A shade sail is an excellent way to halt the progress of this pesky pest.

Shade is proven to restrict the spread of algae and prevent your clear blue waters from being turned to a murky shade of green. Our shade sails are designed with style in mind and you can be sure the structure will complement the appearance of your pond nicely.

Other methods you can employ to hold back algae include adding more plants and keeping a low fish ratio and not overfeeding.

Tackling algae isn’t the only possible advantage of covering your pond with a sun shade. These structures may also help to protect your fish from predators like herons.

While there is no guarantee a shade structure will stop a heron visiting your pond, it may prevent them from seeing it while flying overhead.

A hungry heron can decimate a pond’s fish population and this can be distressing for pond owners from both a personal and financial point of view.

Other ways to deter these predators including netting, building a pond with steep vertical sides and using plants to provide fish with cover.

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