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‘Mower rage’ set to sweep the nation

Now that spring is finally here and the sun has started to show its face, Brits all over the country will be taking to their garden to get it looking perfect for the summer months.

However, this doesn’t always go down too well with the neighbours. A new survey commissioned by B&Q has revealed there are certain activities that can drive your neighbours mad if you choose to engage in them on a Sunday morning.

One of the worst offenders is mowing the lawn, with the hum of a lawnmower widely regarded as one of the most annoying sounds of summer.

‘Mower rage’ set to sweep the nation

The survey found that 53 per cent of people are less than happy when they hear someone fire up the lawnmower any earlier than 9:39am and the term ‘mower-rage’ has been invented to describe this frustration.

Other garden sounds that aren’t appreciated on a Sunday morning are strimming, hammering and letting children out to play. The survey revealed that most people see 9:31am as an acceptable time to let children out, 9:42am for strimming and 9:46am for hedge trimming.

Hammering is not seen as OK until 9:49am, while garden parties and BBQs should not start until 10:32am and 10:38am respectively. What’s more, one in 25 people believe that neighbours should keep the noise down until midday.

“Noisy inconveniences early in the morning can result in some serious neighbourly grudges.

“Many of us like to get our garden chores out of the way, so we can relax and enjoy our outdoor space,” commented Kevin Walker, outdoor power buyer at B&Q.

Whatever you choose to do in the garden this summer, staying safe from the sun should be a top priority for you and your family.

A great way to do this is to an install a sail shade – semi-permanent structures that can protect you from nearly all of the sun’s UV rays.

They are available in a range of shapes and colours, all of which showcase an attractive contemporary style that will ensure your neighbours have no cause for complaint.

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