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Murray wins on hottest day of the year

Sunday (July 7th 2013) was a pretty good day to be a Brit. Not only did Andy Murray become the first UK male to lift the Wimbledon trophy in 77 years, it was also the hottest 24 hours of 2013 so far.

According to the Met Office, a temperature of 29.7 degrees C was recorded at Hurn near Bournemouth, which beat the high of 29.1 degrees C that was set at Heathrow Airport a day earlier. Meanwhile, Murray worked his way to victory in a sweltering 29 degrees C, making his achievement all the more impressive.

The good news doesn’t end there though, as the Met Office believes it’s possible a new record temperature could be set in the coming days and it could even get above 30 degrees C in some parts of the south-west.

This isn’t going to be a flash in the pan either, as the organisation has claimed we are set for the longest spell of settled warm and sunny weather since July 2006.

Nick Grahame, chief forecaster at the Met Office, commented: “We have high pressure over the UK at the moment which normally brings us fine and settled weather at this time of year.

“The current outlook suggests this may be dominating our weather through next week and possibly out towards the middle of July.”

So, with the sun set to stay for the next few weeks it’s important to make sure you get outside and make the most of it. If you enjoyed watching Murray’s triumph on Sunday, why not give it a go yourself?

There are plenty of tennis courts across the UK and hiring a racket is generally not too expensive. If you don’t have anywhere suitable to play nearby, there’s always the garden, just make sure you keep things gentle to avoid smashing any windows!

Of course, with such hot weather the risk of sunburn is greatly increased and it’s important to stay protected. One way to do so is to relax and take it easy under a Shaded Nation shade sail.

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