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New skin cancer detection app developed

The whole team at Shaded Nation are committed to trying to raise awareness about skin cancer.

This disease is becoming worryingly common here in the UK and many people are being affected even though the chances of contracting the condition can be drastically reduced by just taking a few simple precautions to stay safe in the sun.

With this in mind, we were interested to hear that a team of students in India have developed a new mobile phone application that can detect skin cancer and other diseases.

New skin cancer detection app developed

Created at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, the app works on any smartphone and takes pictures of the skin before uploading them to a server where they can be assessed by health professionals, the Press Trust of India reports.

It is hoped this will make it easier to diagnose skin cancer, ulcers and other medical conditions, particularly in areas where it may be difficult for people to see a doctor in person.

Debdoot Sheet, who led the project, commented: “Being a portable and affordable solution, it can be used by trained healthcare workers to reach out to elderly and patients in mobility-restricted areas for healthcare delivery.”

The researchers said the app is 99 per cent accurate and they hope it will be used in hospitals and parts of the world where the level of health infrastructure is poor.

This is certainly an interesting development and if it helps to diagnose more cases of skin cancer that can only be good news, as catching the disease early is the best way to avoid it becoming fatal.

In an ideal world, this would be less of an issue as people would reduce their chances of contracting the condition if they took more precautions when out in the sun. Our shade sail structures, which are manufactured to block up to 98.8 per cent of harmful UV rays, are one way to do this.

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