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New survey shows lack of skin care awareness

Half of Britons think their skin is darker than it actually is, according to new research by the British Association of Dermatologists.

This could lead to people putting themselves at risk of contracting skin cancer.

These statistics have been released in preparation for the start of Sun Awareness Week on Monday May 6th.

A new mole and sun advice roadshow called ‘Be Sun Aware’, which is supported by sun protection and skincare brand La Roche-Posay, is also set to launch.

The 1,350 people who attended last year’s event were asked a series of questions about skin cancer and sun safety.

Only 50 per cent of them correctly identified their own skin colour, which was then assessed by a dermatologist, with 48 per cent thinking their skin was darker.

The survey also found more people are actively trying to get tanned skin, despite public health warnings about the danger of sunbathing.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said they find tanned skin more attractive than paler skin, compared to 56 per cent of people responding to a similar survey five years ago.

Younger people appear to be less aware of the dangers of the sun, despite increased education in recent decades.

A third of respondents in their twenties said they thought a tan is a sign of good health, compared with 21 per cent across all age groups.

A high number of men (65 per cent) incorrectly believed a base tan will protect against sunburn and skin damage, compared to just 22 per cent of women.

However, a base tan only provides minimal protection and is actually a sign of UV damage.

If you’re concerned about the health problems that can be caused by sunburn, a great way to stay safe while outside is to install a shade sail.

These products are proven to block out 98.8 per cent of harmful UV rays and allow you to enjoy the benefits of being outside without exposing your skin to danger.

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