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Why your office could benefit from a covered outdoor area

One of the worst things about working in an office is the fact you’re cooped up indoors all day with limited access to the outdoors.

Indeed, even when people do have an opportunity to go outside, such as their lunch hour, many choose to remain at their desks as there is nowhere suitable for them to spend their break.

In light of this, it is in the interest of employers to create outdoor spaces for their staff, as giving workers access to fresh air provides a number of benefits that could lead to increased productivity and improved business performance.


It’s unrealistic to expect people to consistently work at a high level for eight hours a day or more if they are not given time to rest and recharge their batteries. Providing an inviting outdoor space can encourage staff to leave their desk and enjoy their breaks in the open air, which may well give their performance a boost when they return.


Spending a whole day sat in front of a computer is not good for the human body. Taking a break from the screen can help to reduce the chances of staff suffering from problems such as eye strain, backache and repetitive strain injury, all of which could be a drain on their productivity.

Once again, creating an outdoor area will increase the chances of people choosing to spend their free time away from the computer and this can only be good for their health and long-term performance.

Keep it covered

Naturally, an outdoor space is only going to be attractive if it is sheltered from the elements – no one wants to spend their lunch hour getting soaked in the rain. A shade sail canopy is the ideal way to cover your outside space, as it will provide protection from wind, rain and the sun’s UV rays in the summer months.

What’s more, these structures are semi-permanent meaning they can be taken down should you require.

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