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Why you should opt for a commercial grade shade sail

Commercial customers make up a very important part of our trade here at Shaded Nation.

Whether it’s schools and nurseries, or shops and restaurants, we are used to undertaking large-scale products all the way from design through to installation.

As commercial clients are so important to us, we offer a product that is specifically manufactured with this type of customer in mind.

Why you should opt for a commercial grade shade sail

Our commercial grade shades are the best on the market and the perfect addition to your business, school or property. Here is a quick rundown of some of the main benefits of this product.

All the mod cons
Our commercial structures are more than just a sun shade – they use all of the latest innovations to provide the greatest level of protection, reliability and durability available.

The UV-stablised high density polyethelyne fabric we use is rot resistant and won’t absorb moisture. High quality double-lock stitch construction minimises the chances of a tear occurring, while colour-keyed seatbelt edge webbing provides extra security.

Meanwhile, tap yarn is weaved into our shades, offering excellent UV protection that can block up to 98.8 per cent of the sun’s harmful rays. These are advanced features you just won’t find in a bog-standard sun shade.

Truly bespoke
Our commercial grade shades are fully bespoke, meaning you get the exact structure you need. We are happy to work to your individual requirements and will provide a complete project management service to guide you through the process.

Pretty much any size or shape you can think of can be manufactured and there’s 14 different colours to choose from.

Built to last
Buying of our commercial shades is an investment for the future. These structures have a life expectancy of between ten and 15 years meaning they easily pay for themselves over the course of time.

In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, the first ten years are covered by a full warranty.

Want to know more? Find the full specifications for our commercial shades here.

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