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Some reasons to encourage outdoor play

Getting the kids to play outside can be surprisingly difficult these days. Through a combination of computer games, the internet and TV, it’s easy for them to spend a whole day with their eyes fixed on a screen of some sort.

However, encouraging them to spend some time outdoors is important, as it can be beneficial on a number of different levels.


A week doesn’t seem to go by these days without some sort of warning about the number of children in the UK who are overweight. Outdoor play is one of the best ways to ensure this doesn’t become a problem for your child.

Moving around burns off calories and this will help make sure your kid’s weight remains at a health level. Furthermore by encouraging children to be active from a young age you increase the chances of them exercising regularly in later life.

Other health benefits

There are several other health advantages that result from outdoor play. Getting away from the screen is good for kid’s eyes and is a fantastic way to use pent-up energy that could lead to a child being disruptive if stuck indoors all day.

Furthermore, exposure to the sun is vital as a source of vitamin D, although you should always take precautions against sunburn on a warm day – installing a garden shade sail is a great way to do this.

Understanding the environment

By getting your children to play outside, you can increase their awareness and appreciation of the environment. This could be important in later life as it will ensure they treat the outdoors with the respect it deserves and will encourage their own kids to do the same.

Get involved

One of the best things about outdoor play is that it’s incredibly easy for Mum and Dad to get involved as well. Spending quality time with your kids is the best part of being a parent and there’s all sorts of different activities you can get up to in the open air.

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