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Why restaurants can benefit from shade canopies

The impact of the financial crisis means people have been forced to cut back on non-essential spending on things such as eating out. As a result, restaurants now more than ever need to do everything they can to ensure customers are still coming through the doors.

One way you restaurant could boost its appeal without stretching its budget is by making the most of the opportunities provided by installing a shade canopy, which is the ideal way to create an inexpensive outdoor dining area.

Why restaurants can benefit from shade canopies


When the weather is pleasant, people like to enjoy food and drink in the open air. By creating a covered outdoor area with a shade canopy such diners will be attracted to your establishment.

This can be a real tipping point for customers, especially if you are competing with other nearby venues that don’t offer any outdoor seating.

Furthermore, there’s nothing that attracts people to a restaurant more than seeing a venue that’s busy and full of fellow diners. Thus, restaurant owners should be willing to invest in anything that will attract more customers, no matter how small it may seem.


A practical advantage of adding a covered outdoor area to your restaurant is that it increases the amount of floor space available to you. More space, means more customers and that is only ever good news.

No one likes a cramped restaurant and by providing increased space you will be offering a far superior dining experience.

Smoking area

If you’re not keen on the idea of having outdoor seating all year round, there are plenty of other potential uses for a covered space. Smokers will always appreciate having an area that is sheltered from the elements and small features like this can make a big difference to the way a customer views a restaurant.


Another way you could make use of your covered area is to turn it into a storage space during the winter months. Items such as furniture can be kept secure out of the wind and rain, ready to be brought out again when the sun starts shining.

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