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Schools turn to outdoor learning

It is becoming increasingly common for schools and nurseries to incorporate outdoor learning into their curriculum.

This allows children to spend time outside and experience a type of education that isn’t possible in the classroom.

Earlier this year, a study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) found that outdoor play and teaching can make an important contribution to helping children make the transition from early-years education into primary school.

Researchers from Plymouth University, the University of St Mark and St John and the Institute of Education found that opportunities to spend time outside become increasingly limited as youngsters move into formal schooling.

However, they believe some of the tensions created by classroom teaching can be eased by the more independent and less supervised nature of outdoor learning.

The researchers argued that outside lessons and free play offers opportunities for children to learn independently, something which has become less common as schools focus on attainment and pupil testing.

“Outdoor learning had a different quality from the teacher-led lessons that took place in the classroom. Outdoor spaces offer opportunities for children to be more creative, inquiring and socially skilled, as they can pursue their own lines of interest and talk together,” commented Sue Waite, who led the project.

She added: “In classrooms, dominated by specific learning outcomes and teachers talking, it’s very easy for learning to become something which is spoon-fed.”

Many schools that employ outdoor learning use shade sails to protect pupils from the threat of sunburn.

These flexible and durable structures can block up to 98.8 per cent of harmful UV rays and only need to be taken down for two months of the year.

Here at Shaded Nation we can provide pre-made shades, or bespoke designs created to meet your exact requirements.

We are experienced in providing products for a wide range of customers from large businesses and public buildings to homeowners.

If you think your school could benefit from one of our shade sails, take a look at our online store.

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