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Why schools should use a shade sail

Here at Shaded Nation we regularly provide shade sails for schools and nurseries across the UK and beyond.

These stylish and durable sun canopies have a number of potential functions and can help schools make the most of the resources they have available. How do our clients use our shades? Read on to find out.

Outdoor learning 

More and more schools are waking up to the advantages of outdoor play. Giving kids the chance to learn outdoors is a welcome change from the classroom and is widely recognised as beneficial for their education.

Earlier this year, Sue Waite of the Economic and Social Research Council stated: “Outdoor spaces offer opportunities for children to be more creative, inquiring and socially skilled, as they can pursue their own lines of interest and talk together.”

Classroom expansion 

Need to expand one of your classrooms but lack the necessary funds? A shade sail canopy is an ideal solution. These structures are inexpensive and can easily be installed to the side of a building, thus creating additional space in which teaching can take place.

There are a number of potential uses for outdoor classroom ranging from a traditional environment with tables and chairs to an open area in which subjects like drama and music can be taught.

Outdoor play

Shade sails can provide a perfect place for young children to play in, which is protected from the sun and other elements. Sandpits, paddling pools and other pay areas can easily be set up under a canopy.

Sun protection 

Our shade structures are manufactured to provide the greatest level of sun protection possible and can block up to 98.8 per cent of harmful UV rays. This is of key importance, as children’s skin is particularly vulnerable to sunburn and getting burnt as a child is scientifically proven to increase a person’s chances of contracting skin cancer when older.

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