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Shade sails aren’t just for summer

You might think shade sails are only necessary during the summer months. While it’s true their main purpose of blocking the sun’s rays mean they are predominantly used when the weather is warmer, this doesn’t make them redundant at other times of the year.

Shelter from the elements 

The sun isn’t the only thing sail shades can provide protection from, as these durable structures can also shelter you from other elements such as wind and rain. Having a shade in your garden means you can still enjoy being outside during the winter and won’t be at risk of getting wet.

While our shade structures can stand up to wind and rain, they are not designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and should be taken down if particularly bad weather is forecast.

Shade sails aren’t just for summer

Business use

Many businesses use shade sails for a wide variety of purposes such as covering outdoor seating, smoking areas and building entrances to name but a few. These businesses still require their shades outside the summer months and our products are durable enough to perform all year round.


One of the best things about our shade sails is the fact they are semi-permanent and can be taken down and re-erected according to your personal preference. For example, if you decide to take your shade down during the winter months, only to find a sunny day is forecast you can put the structure back up quickly and easily.

Sun safety

While sunburn isn’t a common problem in the winter, people with particularly pale skin can still be at risk during days when the sun is shining strongly. Having a shade sail will help to reduce the chances of getting burned, which will limit the likelihood of more severe problems such as skin cancer developing.

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