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How shade sails are contributing to the pop up restaurant craze

A new craze is sweeping the UK’s eating out scene – pop up restaurants. Also known as underground restaurants, these venues can literally pop up in any part of a city, often where you wouldn’t expect a restaurant to be located.

For example, they are sometimes found in empty and unused buildings, outdoors or even in a person’s home. It is this quirkiness that makes these venues attractive and if you’re looking for a change to the usual restaurant experience this could be it.

The idea for pop up restaurants is generally considered as stemming from Cuba and the US and this approach to eating out is now gaining real momentum here in the UK. London has seen the trend take off most, with pop up venues now familiar sites across the capital.

These restaurants tend to be temporary and will only be in one location for a limited space of time, which adds to their appeal and provides a feeling of exclusivity. Pop ups are often operated by small independent retailers, but it’s not uncommon for well-known chefs to set up their own venue and use it as a chance to experiment with new menus.

How are shade sails helping?
So, pop up restaurants are becoming the go-to eating out option for diners in London, but what has that got to do with shade structures? Well, many of the pop up restaurants that are based outside are choosing to use shade sails as they are the ideal means of providing shelter for this type of venue.

It’s important for any outdoor eating venue to offer its customers protection from the elements, especially in a country like the UK where you can never be sure what the weather is going to do next.

How shade sails are contributing to the pop up restaurant craze

Indeed, even when the sun is shining its advisable for a restaurant to provide shelter as eating a meal with the sun beating down from above can be hot and uncomfortable. Our shade sails are ideally suited to this purpose as they can block up to nearly 99 per cent of the sun’s UV rays, providing a cool and shaded spot in which people can relax, eat and drink.

It’s not just the sun they provide protection from however, as these structures are more than capable of protecting diners from light rain and wind, which could easily ruin an outdoor meal otherwise.

Another reason why pop up restaurants are so keen to use shade sails is the ease with which they can be installed and taken down again. These venues are temporary by their very nature and having a structure that can be quickly assembled and then stored away for future use is ideal.

The importance of appearance shouldn’t be overlooked as well, as any restaurant needs to look good if it’s to attract diners. Our shades tick that box fully, providing the ideal combination of style and substance.

Considering setting up your own outdoor pop up restaurant and want to know more about using a shade sail? Contact to the team at Shaded Nation or take a look at the range of shades we have on offer.

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