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Shaded Nation – Shade Sails

Shaded protection all year round

Need a shade sail structure that can be put to use all year round? Then look no further.

Our permanent shade range provide the reliability and durability necessary to be used all year long, offering protection against sun, wind and rain.

Shade Sails for your home or business

Available in waterproof, fire-retardant and commercial-grade heavy-duty 340gsm fabric, these shade sails are tough enough to survive the majority of what the 12-month calendar can throw at them.

Even though they are built with all-year use in mind, our products can still be easily demounted should you choose to – something that isn’t possible with many other permanent shade sail structures.

If a shade is going to be used all year long, maintenance is particularly important. Luckily for you keeping our shades in good working order is incredibly easy.

All that’s required is cleaning with some water and mild detergent and regular re-tensioning. If you’re not sure how to do this we’ll happily provide some guidance to set you on your way.

Have you decided which of our permanent shades you’d like to invest in? Place your order today and it will be installed within no more than six weeks. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the process or our shades in general.

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