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Stay safe during UV Awareness Month

People like to get out and about in the summer months, especially if the weather is good.

Whether it is going for nice walks in the country, checking out the local beach or simply buying a deckchair and enjoying the backyard, there are plenty of ways for individuals to make the most of the sun.

Stay safe in the sun

However, everyone needs to make sure they look after their health and protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays is a massive part of this. July is UV Awareness Month in the US, as organisations up and down the country seek to dispel some of the myths about the sun.

Lisa Richman, executive director of the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation, told the Palm Beach Post that the preventable disease claims the life of one person every 50 minutes.

“The sun is necessary for life. It gives us the light and heat we need to survive. However, too much exposure to UV rays from the sun can lead to skin cancer – especially melanoma, the deadliest form,” she added.

Don’t put your health at risk

There are a number of measures people can take to limit their chances of contracting skin cancer. These include covering up, wearing a hat and applying sun block to any unprotected measures.

Individuals are also encouraged to regularly check their skin after they’ve been out in the sun to make sure there are no changes in size, texture, shape and the colour of any blemishes they have.

A more long-term solution, however, would be to have a shade sail installed. The structure offers protection throughout the year and means individuals can enjoy the sun without worrying about getting burnt.

On top of the protection offered, the shades also add a stylish edge to any outdoor space and are perfect for both families and businesses. They come with UV stabilised thread, seat belt edged webbing and heavy duty, rust-proof marine-grade stainless steel rings.

Find out more about these cost-effective structures on the Shaded Nation website.

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