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Sun Awareness Week kicks off

This week (May 6th to 12th) is Sun Awareness Week. As the name suggests, this campaign is all about educating and informing Brits on how they can stay safe in the sun.

It has been organised by the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) and is run by the organisation’s Skin Cancer Prevention Committee, which is comprised of leading medical professionals with expertise in skin cancer, vitamin D and public health messaging.

The campaign takes a two-pronged approach that aims to make people aware of how they can avoid sunburn and also how to detect potential signs of skin cancer.

One of the major features of the week is the release of the free World UV app for mobile phones. It has been created by BAD in cooperation with the Met Office to provide people with a daily UV forecast for more than 10,000 locations across the globe.

This will help Brits know what the weather has in store and plan for sunny days, whether they are at home or abroad.

It is available on both iPhones and android models and gives sun protection advice that is specific to people’s skin type.

The campaign will also see the return of the Mole & Sun Advice Roadshow, which will travel the country spreading the sun awareness message.

It was a huge success last year and will use practical, face-to-face demonstrations and engagement with the public to encourage people to check their skin, use the appropriate UV protection and visit a doctor if they notice any changes to their skin.

Here at Shaded Nation we are passionate about sun safety and fully support the message of Sun Awareness Week.

Our sail shades are a great way to stay protected while the sun is shining. They are specifically crafted to limit the harmful effects of the sun and can block out as much as 98.8 per cent of UV rays.

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