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Sunburn can also be a threat at work

Most people only see sunburn as a threat when they are on holiday or relaxing at the weekend. However, it can also be an occupational hazard.

Any person who has a job that involves spending a lot of time working outside runs the risk of getting burnt if they don’t take the necessary precautions to protect their skin.

A prime example of this is construction, where the vast majority of a working day is spent out in the open air. At the start of July, House building company Taylor Wimpey launched a campaign to educate workers in the industry about the dangers of the sun.

The firm released a number of recommendations for how workers can keep safe, such as keeping their skin covered, sticking to the shade whenever possible, wearing sunscreen and drinking water to stay hydrated.

Edward Woods, Taylor Wimpey director of health, safety and the environment, stated: “We want all of our people to go home at the end of the day safe and healthy … so it’s particularly important that people working outside take sensible precautions.”

The company said it was prompted into launching the campaign after learning of research by the North West Cancer Research Fund, which revealed many outdoor workers don’t wear sunscreen because they think cloud cover will protect them.

Furthermore, of those who do apply cream, many only do so once they feel their skin burning, meaning damage has already been done.

This problem is not restricted to the construction industry and any business whose staff spend a lot of time working outdoors should consider the sun safety of their workforce.

An ideal way to ensure people are protected is by using a shade sail. These semi-permanent canopies can block 98.8 per cent of dangerous UV rays and provide a welcome shaded spot where staff can work and rest without fear of getting burnt.

Here at Shaded Nation we are used to providing sun shades for business clients and offer both ready-made structures and bespoke designs depending on your preference.

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