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Sunburn – know who’s most at risk

Sunburn can affect everyone – and anybody who spends too long exposed to strong sunlight runs the risk of damaging their skin.

However, there are certain groups of people who are more susceptible than others and it’s particularly important for these individuals to ensure they stay protected. While it might be frustrating to have a friend who tans much more easily than you, looking after your health should always be top priority.

Pale skin

If you have naturally pale skin, it’s highly likely that you will be more affected by sunburn than people with darker skin. Individuals with red or blonde hair and light-coloured eyes tend to be the most at-risk.

This is because they have less melanin in their skin, which protects against UV radiation. However, even if you have darker features don’t take this for granted, as people of all skin types can still get burnt if they are exposed to strong sun for too long.


Each time your skin is burnt by the sun it causes damage that cannot be reversed and even instances of sunburn that happened in childhood can lead to skin cancer in later life.

Furthermore, the NHS has found that if you have two or more close relatives who have developed skin cancer, your own chances of contracting the disease may well be increased.


Babies and young children have soft and tender skin that is much more susceptible to sunburn than adults. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that babies younger than six months old should never be exposed to the sun and those over this age should be protected with sun lotion and sunglasses.

Stay protected

Thankfully sunburn is very easy to avoid if you take some precautions. Applying sun lotion and keeping your skin covered will go a long way to reducing the risks – as will using a shade sail.

These structures are designed to allow people to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the sun at the same time.

Whether it’s a children’s playground, sporting venue, or family garden, a Shaded Nation shade sail is the perfect way to stay safe in the sun.

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