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Sunburn is a problem at home as well as abroad

There’s a common misconception that sunburn is only really something to worry about while off on holiday in a hot country such as Spain and Greece.

However, while you are more likely to get burnt in a nation where the weather is naturally warmer, this doesn’t mean you aren’t at risk in the UK as well. Many Brits come down with a nasty case of sunburn while at home in the summer months and this can be just a*s painful and damaging to your health as being burnt while abroad.

This is all the more true when the weather is at hot as it has been in recent days – reaching close to 30 degrees C in some parts of the country.

The need to be aware of sunburn and take the necessary precautions has recently been stressed by councillor Christine Lawrence, who is in charge of health and wellbeing at Somerset County Council.

“Sunburn doesn’t just happen while we’re abroad – more than half the people suffering with sunburn are burnt here in the UK, so everyone needs to be aware whether they’re going away this summer or enjoying time off with the children at home,” she told the Somerset County Gazette.

Avoiding sunburn is hugely important, because it is scientifically proven that getting burnt makes people more likely to develop skin cancer. Figures from Somerset County Council show 500 people in the region were diagnosed with this disease between 2008 and 2012, which makes it the eighth highest out of 151 NHS Primary Care Trust areas.

Dr Ulrike Harrower, a consultant in public health at the council, said suffering a painful burn just once in two years can triple a person’s chances of getting skin cancer, so it really is important to stay protected.

Want to make the most of the Great British summer without feeling the painful effects of sunburn? Install a shade sail– the perfect shade solution for homes, businesses, schools and a whole host of other locations.

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