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Three businesses that can take advantage of a shade sail

One of the best things about Shaded Nation shade sails is their sheer versatility. Our shades can be applied to a vast range of different uses and we’ve designed and installed structures for a wide variety of clients.

Among these are commercial customers, as there are a number of different businesses that can benefit from one of our shade sails.

Three businesses that can take advantage of a shade sail

Life is hard for independent retailers at the moment. The tough economic climate means consumers are not spending as much as they once did, while expensive rents make it difficult for companies to expand by moving into larger premises.

One way of getting around this is by using a sail shade structure to create an outdoor retail space. This has numerous benefits – not only does it provide more space for retailers to display their wares, it can also catch the eye of passing custom and draw people inside the shop itself.

The semi-permanent nature of our shades mean they can be put up at certain times of the year when an outdoor space may be needed and taken down again when this isn’t necessary.

Restaurants and pubs

It’s surprising what a difference a shade structure can make for restaurants, cafes, pubs and other hospitality businesses.

People love to eat and drink outside when the weather is nice and a shade structure is an affordable means of providing a sheltered al fresco environment that can be taken down during the winter months.

Offering an outdoor environment allows pubs and restaurants to attract more custom and giving them shelter from sun, wind and rain boosts their chances of having an enjoyable experience and choosing to come back.

Office-based businesses can also benefit from installing a sail shade. Whether it’s creating a sheltered spot in which people can relax on their lunch break, or providing a covered area for smokers, this is an excellent way to create an environment people will enjoy working in.

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