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Is it time for children to reconnect with the outdoors?

There can be no denying that children spend less time outside than they used to.

When the draws of television and computers are combined with parental concerns about safety, it can be easy for youngsters to spend more or less all of their time indoors.

This is a shame, as there are so many benefits that can kids can get from being outside and we run the risk of these being lost if action isn’t taken to encourage parents and children to go outdoors more often.

Indeed, these concerns have been expressed by the Wild Network – an organisation that has recently been established to try and tackle this issue.

At the end of October, it launched a new campaign called Project Wild Thing, which aims to help people “re-wild” their children by swapping 30 minutes of screen time for half an hour of “wild time” every day.

Speaking at the scheme’s launch, chair of the Wild Network Andy Simpson said: “The tragic truth is that kids have lost touch with nature and the outdoors in just one generation.”

This is an issue that has caught our attention here at Shaded Nation and we’re pleased to see action being taken to try and help kids spend more time outside. One of the best ways we think this can be done in is by encouraging outdoor learning either at home or school.

Whether it’s in the garden, playground or school field, this helps kids to experience the outdoors and ensures they are being educated at the same time.

Outdoor learning can take many forms, be it getting the kids to complete a nature trail or simply taking a class in the open air. This can help children to appreciate the outdoors and is proven to have a positive impact on their health and education.

The benefits of this approach were well summarised by filmmaker David Bond, who is involved with Project Wild Thing. He stated: “Spending time outdoors is hugely beneficial to children and young people. Research clearly shows that it improves their health, reduces stress and boosts wellbeing.”

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