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Accessibility tips and features of the Shaded Nation website.

Change Font SizeThe Shaded Nation website enables visitors to increase the font size of the entire website by using their Web browser. Most modern day browsers now have a zoom page option in the bottom right hand corner of the screen allowing you to zoom in on content.

Speech EnabledThe Shaded Nation website has been developed to aid in the use of specialist speech software like Browsealoud. Browsealoud is a Windows application and can be used with Internet Explorer 6 upwards. Simply click on the logo to switch on the reader and follow the set up instructions.

To download the Browsealoud Software click here

Navigate Without MouseShould you wish to navigate around the site without the aid of a mouse, you can use your TAB key. Use your Tab key to move between links, and press Return or Enter to select one. To go back to the previous page, use the Backspace key. Use your arrow keys to scroll up or down the page.

Web Browser ChoiceAlthough the Shaded Nation website has been developed to be viewable in any type of Web browser, to enable certain accessibility features like access keys, it's recommended that Internet Explorer 7+, Chrome or Firefox are used to view the Shaded Nation website.

To download the latest version of Firefox click here

Downloading DocumentsDownloadable documents on the Shaded Nation website are provided as PDF documents. A software application, known as Adobe Acrobat Reader, is required to view these documents. Most computers already have the software to open these documents.

For information on Adobe Acrobat Reader read more

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