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Benefits of a Shade Structures

The benefits of Shade Sail structures are endless. A great stylish shade sail provides sun protection and other benefits:

Sail Shade Structures - Shade Protection

  • Stylish, contemporary, different and would fit into most peoples outdoor living space.
  • Shade Sail structures provide effective shade which would make an impractical space practical.
  • DIY Shade Sails can be installed by anyone in a short space of time.
  • They are excellent barriers against harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer.
  • They come in an assortment of contemporary colours and sizes.
  • You can order a bespoke shade to your exact dimensions.
  • They cover almost anything from small garden patios, seating and play areas to large communal areas, swimming pools and car parks.
  • You can overlap several shades to create a design feature or just play at placing your fixings at different levels to achieve an interesting shape.
  • These shades are made of a porous material which prevents temperature build-up underneath.
  • They can be left out for about 10months of the year.
  • Easy to clean - lay flat and hose down with water.
  • Can be folded flat and stored in a relatively small space.
  • Shaded Nation brings the very best Pre-made Shade Sail structures to the UK.

Shade Sail Structure - Health Benefits

  • Kids tend to spend a lot of time playing outside and as responsible adults we need to play a key role in preventing skin damage caused by over exposure to the sun.
  • Skin cancers are now the fastest growing cancers in the sun exposed areas of the world. In these areas, more than 50% of all diagnosed cancers today are skin cancers and exposure to the sun is the primary factor.
  • With the changing climate in the UK, Britains are now facing a similar plight as their love of the outdoors and recreational sports grows.