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Sail Shade FAQs

Are Sail Shade World's shade sails waterproof?

Shade sails are designed to protect you from the sun. They are designed to allow the hot air to escape from underneath the shade and to allow wind to pass through, so will never be fully waterproof.

You will find that most low cost waterproof sail shades tend to lose their effectiveness after a year or so and deteriorate quickly, so if you are an installer, you could find yourself going back to replace them within the warranty period.

How easy is it to put a shade sail structure up?

That depends on the site, but as a general guide, two people could install a semi-permanent shade sail from between a couple of hours and a day or two, depending on how many posts and fixing points are required. To extend the service we offer to our customers, we also provide a free installation video with every purchase of a pre-made shade sail. See our demo version for a taster.

How can shade sails be installed?

Pre-made shade sail structures are easily attached to structures that provide a good firm fixing. Please ensure you are satisfied that the sail structures are sound and if in doubt, we recommend you seek the advice of a structural engineer.

What are Sail Shades structures used for?

Sail shades are design to bring shade into the garden and provide a shelter from the sun's harmful rays. Our Pre-made shade sail structure canopies cuts out up to 90% of harmful UV and provides a stylish and pleasant area to enjoy the garden or outdoor play. Because of the size, shade sails are very useful at providing privacy in garden flats, patios and balconies that are overlooked.

How long should I keep my Shade Sail up?

Because the sails are UV stabilised and very well constructed with, seatbelt webbed edges, the pre-made sail shade and semi-permanent shade sails can be left in place for 10 months of the year and only taken down when bad weather is forecast.

What guarantees do you have in place for Shade Sails?

Our custom made, Elite, Premium and Standard Sail Shade structures are all guaranteed for 10 years against UV damage.

Lightweight Sail Shades are guaranteed for 5 years.

What accessories will I need for Shade Sail?

On a square sail shade you will typically need four snap hooks, four pad eyes (screwed onto a solid and sound fixing point) and four turnbuckles to tension. A triangle shade sail will typically need only three hooks and pad eyes and three turnbuckles. Commercial shade sail installations will vary. Please contact us for details.

We also supply galvanised steel posts. These have been certified as structurally suitable for our pre-made shade sails by our structural engineers and are sold in the correct lengths to allow for appropriate footings.

The lugs and caps are welded on and galvanised. Each post comes with 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee although we expect them to last in excess of 25 years.

What should the distance be between the sail and the fixings?

The minimum distance should be 300mm to allow for adequate tensioning. A properly tensioned shade sail will last much longer than one that has been allowed to become loose and flap around.

How do I clean my shade sail?

A hose pipe, mild detergent and soft brush is all that is recommended to clean your sail. You can buy shade sail cleaning equipment from our online store.

What colours are available in the pre-made shade sails?

The pre-made shade sails are available in 4 colours. These are Woodland Green, Architectural Grey, Porcelain and Coastal Sand. Click here for a colour swatch page.

What colours are available in the residential custom sails?

There are 6 colours for residential grade custom sail shades. These are Aquatic Blue, Brunswick Green, Desert Sand, Natural, Steel Grey, and Terracotta.

What colours are available in the commercial custom sails?

There are 14 colours available for commercial grade custom sail shades. These are Aquatic Blue, Black, Brunswick Green, Cherry Red, Desert Sand, Natural, Navy Blue, Ochre Red, River Gum Green, Sky Blue, Steel Grey, Turquoise, Yellow and Charcoal.

What shapes do the shade sails come in?

The pre-made sail shade structures come in a Triangle, Square and Right Angle shape.

If I do not like ordering online, is there an alternative?

Yes, you can call us on 0845 299 4929 (Option 1) between 9.30am and 5pm and one of the Shaded Nation team will be able to take your order.

How long do I have to wait before I receive my goods?

Most deliveries will be received within 1 working day after receipt of your order and payment, providing your order was placed before 2pm on the prior working day. See our delivery policy for further details.

Do these shades protect from UV rays?

Semi-permanent sail shades are very effective at blocking 90% of the harmful UV rays from the sun. Custom shades sail structure block 98.8% of these rays.

Do I need planning permission to install these shades?

Planning permission is not generally necessary to erect our boxed semi-permanent sail shades but if you have any doubt then a quick call to your local council planning department should confirm either way.

Do you offer other sizes?

Yes we do. All you need to do is provide us with the number of sides as well as the dimensions required and an online quotation will be delivered to your inbox.